Anushka Films & Company®

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 Profile: Start imagining what the perfect world would be like,Make it fun, enjoy yourself,and let  your imagination run wild.Because if you can imagine it you can create it.

We believe now is the time that will enable us to reach the right people,Igniting a spark within their hearts We believe in creativity and the results of this creative expression

 Will literally be BEYOND IMAGINATION.

 We can create a Utopia, a “Heaven on Earth” With a driving force the team of Anushka films & Company has within.It all begins with a dream accompanied by an intense desire to manifest the dream. We are Creators, here to create the world that we would prefer To live and focus on the best talents available around us…

Anushka films & Company one of the budding production house, established in the year 2011 driven by young, robust and enthusiastic pioneers in Entertainment World.

Our strength stems from the fact that we have some of the best brains in the communications, media and entertainment industry which will lead us to the new heights in the Entertainment World.

Anushka films & Company in its very short span has made its presence felt in diversified areas of media & entertainment, event management, film production,  Ad Production ,branding & brand promotion, marketing, advertising and celebrity management and its works on concept ………… .?

Sky is the limit for the team of Anushka film & Company  and we want to go miles and miles ahead to create many mile stones in the Entertainment World.


Our Mission:

A flame burns bright and quick, It hungers to leap forward and be the benchmark in the entertainment world.

To be a globally accepted center of excellence in the entertainment world catalyzing absorption, innovation, diffusion and transfer of high technologies resulting in enhanced quality for all the stake holders”A Production House which is competent, motivated organized, genuine and one that  can be Trusted and Respected.”


Our Values:

Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Shamelessness, Speed, Honesty, Hard work To be one of the leading entertainers disseminating globally acceptable talents.

Anushka film & Company a spires to the best talent available in the country by strong devotion and commitment to the entertainers.So Let us interact together, be together and may our minds comprehend to procure and nurture the best talent available all around.

We Believe:

We believe in creating unique creations beyond imaginations.We believe the gateway to eternity is through your Dreams.We believe that every person is born with talent. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. If you dream and you believe, you can do it.

Rupesh R. Sharma

(Chairman & Managing Director ,CEO )

Mr. Rupesh R.Sharma is a creative man who believes in “Creations beyond Imaginations” & is a driving force behind the dynamic ideas of Anushka films & Company.

He is the Chairman & Managing director,CEO of the  company and holds a B.A  degree and from LNM University . Born Darbhanga to an affluent business family, Mr. Rupesh R Sharma  is associated with film media since last 11 +years along with his active participation in family business of  Tours and Travels  and Media.

He is a unqiue individual with an aptitude for Television/Films, Engineering,Management and a skilled professional in , Co- Producer, Head of production &  Ad Film Writer & Director currently .

He is an active member of Govt of India  Ministry of Micro ,Small Medium Enterprise , Western India Film Producers’ Association, Indian Film & Television Directors Association’, Film writer Association,